May 22, 2013

Liz makes curtains from pillowcases

A month or so ago, the boyfriend and I bought this little beauty at a thrift shop. I knew it needed some TLC and possibly a new backing, but decided that a curtain would work for now. I made the curtain with two pillow cases I bought at the thrift shop for fifty cents each! You could easily make these for windows or whatever as well. 

Here are the two pillowcases I bought. You'll also need a sewing machine, scissors and a curtain rod. In order to hang this curtain on my little table, I used a spring-tension rod.
Cut one side and the top of the pillowcases and lie them flat on the floor, making sure the right side is downward-facing.
The side that you didn't cut, the side with the hemmed edge, will be the bottom of these curtains. Now fold the raw edges (of the sides) over twice and sew. Pin if you wish, but it's not necessary. Do this to both curtains (pillowcases).
Now measure how long you want them to be, making sure to fold what you don't want. Pin down. Do this to both curtains (pillowcases).
This is my awesome momma! She's cutting the excess off, making sure to leave two inches. 
Now fold over the excess fabric. Do make the casing, make a two inch fold and fold it under 1/2". Pin...
...and sew!
Since the pillowcases we got from the thrift shop were super wrinkly, we ironed them. This is my awesome momma again!
Now put it on your spring-tension rod and hang it up!

Yay! I love how much better it looks now! And whenever I'm feeling lazy, I can hide all of my stuff behind the curtain.. I mean, what? Nothing. ;)
Thanks for reading/looking!
Love, Liz


  1. Okay you literally just keep showing more and more creative posts. I am so obsessed! This is perfect seeing as my mother randomly has a closet actually full of bedlinens and pillow cases.

    Juliette Laura

    1. Awe thanks Juliette! :) Make a ton of them and let me know how they turn out.

  2. Very cute and it looks so neat and organized in the after picture!

    1. Thank you Emily! Haha, now everything's behind the curtain, but don't tell anyone! ;)

  3. Really cool DIY :)

    Feel free to check out my new post :)

  4. That's great! It looks so organized now. So cheap to make too!


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