May 24, 2013

Liz makes a reader survey!

My dress form just got in! Oh my goodness, I'm so excited. Anyway, all day today I'm going to be setting up my craft space (which is actually our dining area, oops!) so I won't be posting a tutorial or recipe. However, I did set up a reader survey when I was (not so) patiently waiting for my dress form to arrive! So go ahead and answer the simple questions. If you do so, I'll get a better feel for who's reading my blog (moms, college students, the elderly in nursing homes, etc.) and the blog can only get better from there. Thank you so much in advance!


  1. filled it out :)

    Juliette Laura

  2. I took it! I'm actually not super into crafts or crafting but I like seeing what you make still.

    7% Solution​


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