October 22, 2013

Top posts from August-October

Hello! I promise I haven't forgotten about you all; I've just been extremely busy. I had a calculus test and an accounting test I needed to study for, but they're over now! This past week alone, I was a production assistant on a short film (which is what the picture above is all about), I studied for my two tests, my mom came to town, my boyfriend's dad and step-mother came to town, I repaired some pieces of lighting equipment for my seamstress job and I found a little time to blog. I promise I'll get back to blogging regularly soon, but I still have a few more things to do this week... I had/have two meetings today and have a few more things I need to attend for school this week, and then finally I'll have time to share a craft. In the meantime, please enjoy this list of my most successful posts throughout the past few months. Thank you for being so patient with me while I get my schoolwork and errands done.

A fun craft with cheap materials.
Another cheap-material craft, but so pretty! I love the way this turned out.
Yum, yum, yum. My favorite quick snack/dinner.
And of course these babies. My favorite craft ever.
"See" you all (hopefully) soon!


  1. Yep I can agree, these have been some of my favorite posts too!

    What was the movie about? I got super excited when I saw the picture!

    I can't wait for your future bolg posts! Keep 'em coming! Thanks!

    <3 summer

    1. Hey Summer! Thanks for hangin' in there while I get my life together, lol. :)
      The short was a horror film about a middle school child who gets possessed. It was pretty crazy!


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