April 22, 2014

Liz makes an easy crocheted beanie

Today I'm going to show you how to easily crochet a beanie. I slightly adapted this pattern from All About Ami's pattern. She used puff stitches and I decided to use plain-Jane double crochet and chain stitches. I feel like puff stitches would work well for colder climates, where this breathable stitch pattern I created is better for Albuquerque's Spring weather. Let's get started!

First you'll need to crochet a long strip. To do this, You'll chain however many stitches equivalent to however wide you want the width of your hat band to be. I chained ten stitches.
Then you'll need to single crochet in the second stitch from your hook and continue single crocheting until you've reached the end of the row. Chain one, turn and chain that entire row as well. Repeat these steps until you've made a strip with as many rows you'll need to wrap around your head. I probably ended up with fifty or so rows. It'll take awhile.
When you're done with that, place each edge together and single crochet. You've essentially just made a headband but don't tie off yet!
Now along the top edge of your "headband," you'll need to work single crochet stitches all around. Chain two when you're finished.
Now for the next row, you'll need to make a double crochet, skip a stitch, chain, double crochet, skip a stitch, chain, etc. until you've finished the row. Connect with a slip stitch and chain two. Continue doing this...
...Until you're happy with your hat height. I kept putting it on my head until I felt good about the slouchy-ness.
So by this point, your hat is one big tube. To make it a hat, you'll have to follow this video. It's really difficult to explain with words, but the video is really helpful.
After you tie off and weave in all your ends, you're finished! Doesn't it look awesome? I think it turned out really well and it didn't take long to make it at all.
Would you make one? Let me know what you think in the comments below!
Love, Liz


  1. If I knew how to crochet this would be
    perfect for my family! It's very cute, well done!

    1. Thank you Samantha! Learning how to crochet takes a little time, but it's totally worth it when you can make awesome gifts for your family and friends!


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