June 1, 2015

Liz makes a dreamcatcher

When dreamcatchers were first introduced, the Ojibwe people used willow hoops and sinew cord made from plants. The dreamcatcher is a circle because it represent the sun and the moon. The Ojibwe believed that a dreamcatcher could affect a person's dreams. Only good dreams could be allowed to filter through and bad dreams would stay in the web, disappearing when the sun would come out. Good dreams would pass down through the feathers to the sleeper. Dreamcatchers have always been a popular decoration, maybe now even more so. They're a wonderful addition to any bedroom and now I'm going to show you how easy they are to make!

You'll need all of the things below, plus some kind of glue. I used a hot glue gun but E6000 glue would be more effective, I think.
So you can either wrap the yarn around the metal hoop or crochet it, like I did. It's a much faster way to get the yarn around the hoop.
It took probably half the time, plus I didn't really have to pay attention to what I was doing and could watch TV simultaneously because I'm an experienced crocheter. Double win!
Now for the hard part. I found this diagram online, which helped me a lot. There's also a ton of YouTube videos you can watch.
It should hopefully come out looking something like this. Of course, you can add beads or whatever too.
Then I grabbed a jewelry bail and glued it to the back of a flat rock I found.
E6000 would probably work better, but I opted for hot glue because that's what I had.
I attached it with a couple of jump rings, using my jewelry pliers to assist me.
The feathers I bought already had little plastic hoops at the top, so all I did to attach them to the dreamcatcher was use a couple more jump rings.
And wah-lah! All done. I think it turned out pretty nice. If you're interested, I have it listed on my Etsy page, along with some new embroidery pieces.
Have a great Monday!
Love, Liz


  1. Look amazing! I am loving your dream catchers because they are not made of leather, like the one's in gift shops usually are.


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